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p4c=philosophy for children

Philosophy for children

p4c is an acronym based on the phrase “philosophy for children”.
It is an innovative approach that immerses children in philosophy activities, dramatically changing classroom learning.

Community of Inquiry

Creating a community of inquiry

There is no one who knows beforehand the answer to “Why,” which is asked a lot in children’s philosophy. Children and also teachers equally do not know. From this same point and position, p4C aims to seek to find answers that no one knows. As a member of a community of classes with a relaxed and safe atmosphere, we treasure what we find to be curious and search for the undiscovered truth. Isn’t this exciting?

Sense of wonder

The importance of having a curious mind

The importance of having a curious mind
Each p4c session surprisingly begins with a question. The journey to seek one’s answers starts with “why” questions that we take for granted in everyday life such as “What is the purpose of living?”, “Why do I have to study?”, “What is friendship?” or “Is there such a thing as heaven?”. p4C values the voices that children easy to lose in schools and society.

Intellectual Safety

We believe that it is necessary to have relationships where individuals feel safe in order to inquire in a class in front of classmates, find one’s own answers and speak freely what they think.

Participation is not just talking. Being able to think carefully over time while listening to the opinions of classmates in a philosophy discussion circle may be much more important than speaking. p4C aims to create a safe zone where children can create relationships where they can freely participate by speaking in their own unique manner.